4e Kingmaker Conversion

Bandit Camp

The group successfully repelled an attack from a nearby group of bandits that were extorting Oleg and Svetlana, led by Happs Bydon, a rather debonair bandit, who after being defeated revealed the location of a large cell of bandits operating nearby. The left the bandit behind under the watchful eye of Scorpius to ensure he didn’t attempt to escape.

The party traveled quickly across the lands to catch the group by surprise, launching an ambush that claimed the life of 8 bandits, including their leader, Kressle and her deadly hatchets. The party captured alive a young, seeming misguided bandit by the name of Hiccup. He was the victim of an alleged noble conspiracy that led to his parents deaths and he turned to banditry to get revenge on the nobles. The party convinced him of the error of his ways and he agreed to work for Oleg for a year and a day to pay back his debts.

Oleg's Trading Post

The group traveled to Oleg’s Trading Post, finding out that a group of bandits had already preceded their arrival. The bandits had been collecting protection money from the trader, but the group set an ambush and defeated them. Happs Bydon, apparent leader of the small group, was captured alive and questioned by the party. He revealed the location of the bandit camp as well as some additional details.

Stolen Lands - Part 1

The group has met with the Swordlords and have been contracted to map the Greenbelt area of the Stolen Lands on the Lord Mayor of Restov’s behalf. The party will be rewarded with 5,000 gold crowns when the region is fully explored and mapped. Additionally, the party has full rights to any spoils of war that they find during their investigations.


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