Ruarc Sleibhin Player Notes

Dramatis Personae & Contacts

The Cast

Character Name Race Class Player
Mari Champanel Human Shaman Scotley
Ruarc Sléibhín Goliath Ranger Mowgli
Scorpius A. Perenius Half-Orc Hybrid Rogue/Warlord ScorpiusRisk
Ezmerelda “Easy” Shelby Genasi Swordmage Shayuri
Elurín Lake Half-Elf Druid HandofMystra
Faustus Tiefling Avenger Leif


The Swordlords
Jamandi Aldori Aloin Aldori Karolek Aldori Derian Aldori Awiergan Aldori

  • Blademaster Saren
  • Historian Catarina Devarr

The Story So Far:


Shared a campfire with the merchant Bren, who Ruarc rescued from bandits. Used the last of his arrows in the fight. Joined by Elurín at the fire. Bren suggested we go to Restov to hire on with the Swordlords and fight bandits in the Stolen Lands. He gave Ruarc 10 arrows by way of thanks for the rescue, and Ruarc and Elurín.

Evaded an Owlbear.

Hooked up with the rest of the group – Ezmerelda, Faustus, Mari, & Scorpius – on the way to Brevoy. They’d been sent from Daunton to investigate the new Island and their ship fell afoul of a bizarre oceanic condition and sank with all hands. They were the only survivors.

Made it to Restov. Went to the Swordlords keep and were escorted inside by Blademaster Saren. ‘Negotiated’ a charter with the Swordlords of Restov (Jamandi Aldori, Aloin Aldori, Karolek Aldori, Derian Aldori, and Awiergan Aldori) to explore the Greenbelt and clear the bandits from the area. Pay is 5000 Gold Crowns and get to keep our plunder. Given some information about the area by Historian Catarina Devarr.

Repelled Bandits at Oleg’s Trading Post. Looks like that will be a good base of operations. Went and eliminated a small group of bandits, including one that seems to be fairly high in the Bandit Food Chain (Kessle). Turned a couple of the more innocent ones over to Oleg to work off their debts.

Currently working our way to an abandoned temple we’ve heard of, mapping as we go.

Once we clear up the temple we’ve picked up a mission to help some kobolds get an artifact back from a tribe of Mites.

Ruarc Sleibhin Player Notes

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